Monday, 18 July 2011

Bella ... a Cinderella Story?

Isabella, Bella for short - and yes she had the name way before the Twilight Vampires! Is a very beautiful young woman! I know I have been sarcastic in other posts - but I am not here. Bella has lovely pixie-like delicate features ... a nose women go under the knife to try to get, expressive almond shaped eyes and a warm smile.
Beautiful young Bella outshines the Bride at this wedding.
Bella is the kind of kind spirited and sensitive woman - any girl would love to have as a friend.  However, being home schooled and isolated, I don't think anyone was ever lucky enough to have Bella on confide in, to share whispers about boys over a sleepover with popcorn. She seems very alone ... except when she is with her mom Nichole Kidman.
Family, people walk together ... not scurry behind.
A mother's love.

Subtle intimidation. The wicked glare.
Before Cupcake-inflicting-Katie ... Bella's lovely smile was seen whenever she was in the public ... but now ... she looks like a ghost of who she used to be. Child abuse takes many forms ... some subtle.
Not so subtle. The many manic glares of Katie when she thinks the camera is not around.

 All slaves must walk behind the smug wicked Queen.
Thanksgiving with the Beckhams. More pictures online.
What is with the scary OJ Simpson tuque?  I sure am curious to know what awful things she is saying to Victoria Beckham, opposite in the carriage, - to make Bella look at her like that.
The picture directly above makes me angry. I want to take Bella and talk to her and give her a big hug and confided that I have known a woman, who could look at a child in this manner ... and what this abuse does; the hurt it inflicts on the spirit of a child. It isn't right. No woman with a conscience could treat a child / young woman this way. Then shake it off - say: 'she deserves a toilet seat to fall out of the sky - and fatally hit her on the head'. Then laugh together (it is happy thoughts that keep us young) ... go for an ice cream then check out a cool art gallery.

It doesn't take a blind person to see that before Katie became step mother, Bella was slim and fresh. Now she looks depressed and frightened of her step mother when in public (as the pictures show clearly). Someone might say: Tom should tell Katie were she can shove those cupcakes!

And they left with finger paints - can anyone say cheap? 
Katie Holmes took Bella art supplies shopping ...where it looked like she was nickle and diming the cost of supplies. A day with Katie would suck the muse from any artist .. it must take years to recover emotionally.

Tom said Bella was an artist, and being an artist myself, I ask: why isn't she in art school? Among her peers? People who respect her and help her develop her creative expression and knowledge? Instead she is a slave to a wicked stepmother .. running to factories to check on second rate clothing?

Tom I ask, you know that is not right? Give Bella the love and freedom to bloom ... not chain her to the wicked witch of Ohio you are married to! 

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