Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Question: Why does Katie Holmes under-dress Suri for cold weather? Answer: because she is a child abuser.

I was looking at this article: http://blogs.babycenter.com/celebrities/katie-holmes-embarassing-mom-moment/#comment-4655845

That cute little girl is the orphan Curly Sue - from the movie Curly Sue. Even the caregiver of this orphan cares enough to keep her warm for the weather in a hat and mittens. Not bare legs and no coat in frigid winter weather. How is it Katie Holmes isn't brought up on child abuse charges - I question?

The author of the article above questions why Katie under dresses Suri for cold weather. It is pretty simple. Because she is a child abuser.

Ever hear of parenting Katie? Like it is a job and there are decisions to make? Maybe we can call this issue: cold out must wear appropriate clothes – an executive decision? We understand that you only have a high school education - but maybe that is one you could remember ... push your clothing and fashion aside for a second and think about your child? But wait ... you aren't fooling me! I know why you keep your child cold and clinging ... 

Suri has been under dressed … before she would have been old enough to talk and make demands … what is Katie's lame excuse then? Fight my ass – this is one child abuser – that is blaming the child.
It is very simple – she under dresses the child so that the child is cold – then will cling needily to her. Sick. Child abuse.

Children that are cold and under-dressed for the weather can develop all sorts of health issues, and the severity will not be seen for a few years: lowered immune system, stiff joints, premature and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. Very often children exposed to cold weather often develop arthritis in their scull! Migraines as a youth result.

 Remember back in the olden days (I know this from old movies as i am in my 20s), when a gentelman would give the lady his jacket - if there was cold weather and she was under-dressed? Anyways, if you are keen to the old black and white films like I am - this form of chivalry was a regular occurrence along with opening doors and walking on the outside of the street (to protect the lady from car splash and in the middle ages - slop/poop being thrown from upper windows).

Well, this Katie not only won't cover her child - she does this purposely so that Suri is cold and insecure - and then clings to her. This is a common form of child abuse that starts early. Which anyone can see in the 100s of documented photographs.

I feel that Katie saying: she fights me and doesn't wear a jacket. That is like a pedophile sayng: the child asked for it! Sick. Also, not only does Suri not get a jacket, very often she gets no shoes so that Suri has to cling even more. No shoes, no socks, no jackets, hats, mittens, pants, leggings. Nothing cosy. Some of these pictures Suri looks like an abused orphan.

Katie should feel very ashamed of this abuse ... and not everyone falls for her innocent act. She isn't a good actor I do not buy it for a second. She is a sicko.


  1. WOW !!!!!! Fantastic, terrific, amazing BLOG!!!

    I so agree with all this... you are brilliant for putting all this together...

    I would so be on katie's side if it wasn't for the way she treats Bella and her own daughter Suri... taking the poor child out in the freezing cold with bare arms and legs. I would be on katie's side against Tom if it wasn't for the abuse, which the pictures clearly show.
    I know Tom treated Nicole very badly, and he is getting his karma back... with all the evil in scientology, paying people very little to slave like dogs for them and call them apprentices, then firing them for no reason when their usefulness is finished, evil, shame shame Tom, and kicking out his wife of 9 years - Nichole. Tom: K A R M A is getting you back... what you sow, so shall you reap... ever hear of that??!!!!!

  2. Hi!! Karma gets everyone back.... are you listening Tom, Katie.... all you sociopaths. K A R M A --- K A R M A --