Monday, 18 July 2011

This blog is a tribute to the undying love and happiness that is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes and her Cupcakes
Is Katie Holmes a die hard Sex and the City fan? One might think so, as many times she seems to recreate the stories and seems to act out the roles of the Sex and the City ladies – for the paparazzi.

Katie Holmes loves sweets and cupcakes right? Or is it she just loves serving them and watching the people around her gain weight and develop acne so she can feel superior?

I mean, would you serve Oprah 3 dozen cupcakes if she came to your house? Probably not right – since as a gracious hostess you’d be sensitive to your guests battle with the bulge.

What some people wonder though – is if Katie laces her cupcakes with Lithium? In the Sex and the City episode (season 5 episode 1) the character Carrie meets a woman at a coffee shop who puts crushed lithium on her ice cream as a mood elevator.

One might wonder if Katie is serving up lithium laced cupcakes to Tom? Is that why he manically jumped on Oprah’s sofa and almost lost his career?

A message to Tom: check those cupcakes for lithium and or depressants! 

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