Monday, 18 July 2011

This blog is a tribute to the undying love and happiness that is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - their happy marriage as seen by the public in public photographs.

With all the millions of dollars, and the wonderful activities and times spent with family and friends - in the public eye - aren't they lucky!? Doesn't everyone look loved, respected, ... and happy? 
Happy moments! Look at those loving public expressions!

The Beckham's arrive in a happy spirit for Thanksgiving in NY with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise gang. Are you this happy when spending time with your friends?
Suri looks well rested for a full day of shopping with her wonderful mom Katie Holmes

The Cruise-Beckham-Holmes walk through central Park New York with everyone enjoying friends and family. See the happy smiles?
Doesn't Bella look so happy and lovingly at her step mom? Can anyone say Cinderella?


  1. Boy this is scary, she is definitely a canditate for the mentally ill poster child.

    You are very perceptive to see the slow progression of a true Sociopath.

    Keep up the good work, this is very interesting blog. love it.

  2. Poor suri, so feel sorry for this poor child,always going out in the winter in the freezing cold with very little clothes on while the mother is dressed very warm and cozy.

    Where are the child protection agencies???

    I guess having money you can do all the child abuse you want... sad, sad world we live in.

  3. Thank you Jacque999. I was thinking of stopping the blog before seeing that Vogue cover and laughed myself silly. I just think other people might understand my point of view and be happy about their lives as money cannot buy happiness - and Katie Holmes seems to show this moral very clearly.

    Thank you Judy555. Yes I agree with you and this is a reason I started the blog, seeing images of Bella, a lot of children can relate I am sure - I wish abuse of this nature didn't happen and people could stand up to grown up bullies!