Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Katie Homes Obsession with Sex and the City ... and now Kate Middleton?

Katie Holmes seems to like Sex and the City ... quite a lot ... and who doesn't? I know I do! 

Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows ... and one must understand that this is a show and these women are characters, actors. This is a comedy ... not necessarily characters every woman would want to emulate ... right? 

Some food for though ...

Carrie is in a relationship with an older man ... Katie is in a relationship with an older man.

Katie's necklace - 'S' for Suri, cute idea (credit where it is due - SJ Parker)

Carrie has a 'letter' necklace. Kattie Holmes has a 'Letter' necklace.

Carrie in Sex and the City - Paris
Carrie in Sex and the City - Paris
Carrie spends time in Paris, walking around visiting museums - feeling alone and depressed because her 'man' is not there for her. 

Babies need naps. What a scowl! Yikes!
Cannot they sit down for the baby to drink?
Suri has the cutest little frown ... however, when she gets older and emulates Katie's temper .. watch out!

Katie goes on a pilgrimage to Paris for the day all alone (aside from her body guards and child Suri). She even dressed little Suri in a polka dot dress like Carrie wears in the episode ... coincidence?

Carrie & Suri in Polka dot dresses

Who wore the white fringe dress better? My vote is Sarah Jessica Parker - as she is the ORIGINAL dress wearer.
Carrie loves mary-jane high heels ... guess what Katie must have? Yup you guessed Einstein ... mary-jane high heels! And lots of them!

Have you ever seen a more ridiculous looking outfit on a 30+ year woman?

Who carries their child like this? So every pedophile can see little Suri's business? Cannot she dress her child when she takes her out?

There is a whole show on Sex and the City devoted to the wow factor of this dress.
Now ... as for the cover of In Style. Carrie wears hot pink Oscar de la Renta ... Katie wears hot pink! With the 'S' necklace to boot! Can we say copy-cat?

Kate Middleton smile at her wedding
Now we have to love photoshop. Does anyone else think this cover of Katie Holmes actually looks more like Kate Middleton ... then it does like Katie?

Granted, there is a lot that can be done, and seems to have been to for Katie Holmes with nose jobs and the like ... but to have your face altered to look like Kate Middleton? Weird. Why not just be yourself? Unless, that is just too scary?

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